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The monumental spikes in bitcoin values and the rage about cryptocurrency projects have spurred this segment of the market into a frenzy. The blockchain technology is one of the biggest disruptors the contemporary world of technology has encountered so far.

Everybody who knows the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology wants to enter this highly lucrative market.

Our ICOs listing page is of great interest for ICO owners, ICO investors and those who want to keep a close watch on what's the latest happening in initial coin offerings in particular and blockchain technology in general.

As an ICO owner or the business looking to raise funds through an initial coin offering it is always interesting for you to go through the existing listings and evaluate your competitors.

As an investor, you have a broad range of choices when picking up your favourite offerings.

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Review.Network is a project that aims to create a unique trusted high-intelligence user-company feedback platform based on blockchain and AI technologies. Review.Network provides direct communication between companies and customers, that helps carry on efficient top-tier market research feedback without any mediator. Our model also directly rewards participants for their valuable feedback. The platform’s community can […]

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Luxury Ledger

Blockchain-backed global commerce with supply chain management, digital asset registry and decentralized marketplace aligning brand and consumers. Participants of the Luxury Ledger Network benefit from verifiable authenticity and transparency in all luxury and retail goods transactions. Our mission is to promote adoption of blockchain networks in enterprise and consumer commerce. We strongly believe that integration […]

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Dylyver is a technology corporation that creates innovative transportation and logistics solutions, taking advantage of advanced mobile and blockchain technologies. Together, our two proprietary mobile applications form one unique service and income system for users: • A ridesharing solution that enables drivers and riders to easily interact with each other. • A package delivery platform […]

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Carat Token – Diamonds to the people

“While the cryptocurrency industry is designed to alleviate problems with traditional banking, there are a number of kinks in the system, particularly when it comes to stability, transparency, and liquidity. At, we’re working out those kinks with a solid solution. The CARAT Token, acts as a new, innovative tool that allows holders to transact […]

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AUD Coin

Aussie Digital is an e-commerce ecosystem that’s built on blockchain and fuelled by a native cryptocurrency. Aussie Digital has got a lot of services. Together, all of them make your everyday life easier and smarter. Our ICO is launching soon – stay tuned!

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Quidli is a decentralized network for equity transfers; a gateway for companies and talented people to connect through fast, flexible, and fair system that utilizes equity-as-compensation. With tokenization, companies increase liquidity by distributing equity in exchange for any labor with a click. Quidli creates incentives for people to take risks so they can easily contribute […]

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CafeCoin makes the savings and big-data benefits of blockchain technology and delivers them to retailers and consumers with a focused and intuitive mobile payments app that anyone can use. CafeCoin makes the Technology and savings previously only available to

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InziderX Exchange

InziderX is a decentralized spot leverage OTC market where you can exchange the top 20 digital assets privately and without verification. Transactions are done in between anonyms insiders, wallet to wallet using Atomic Swap. Liquidity is provided by a relay system based on the Lightning Network technology. User friendly, the InziderX terminal is devoted to […]

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Executive Summary This is our ICO for building the first decentralized investment bank crowdfunded using blockchain technology. The plan to open up an investment bank is to build an investment fund first. The fund, including our ICO tokens will be backed by tradable assets of this world. Simply put, by entire world economy. With time […]

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TrustBar is a highly anticipated project that is creating a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the NEO platform. TrustBar is a decentralised crypto exchange that enables an individual or institution to trade with another person or institution’s cryptocurrencies and tokens. The exchange allows for the transfer of value not just intra-blockchain, but also cross-chain, allowing the […]

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