Adeezy is a new marketplace connecting influencers and creators with the advertising industry. Our platform encourages creativity, transparency, and simplicity.



Here’s what Marco Berkheij said about his Marketplace and the latest news in the industry,


First of all, tell us something about yourself.


My name is Marco Berkheij born the 19th of February 1970 in the Netherlands. I grow up in an entrepreneurial family where my parents worked hard in their own restaurants. Due to the nature and working hours of the restaurant business, I had to take care of myself from a young age already. No, not a sad story at all, I had a fantastic childhood. I believe it was a good thing for being able to take care of yourself and I also think that it takes a certain personality to do this  Age 25 I graduated from the University of Science in Vlissingen the Netherlands in the morning and the afternoon I started as 1 out of the 12 selected trainees at Alcatel in the Netherlands. This was back in 1995 just when the telecom market went nuts! I learned things the hard way as there was no school to prepare us for this market. All technology we learned at school was “old-school”. Travelling the world as a sales executive for different companies inspired me to start my own hot start-up. Having the right age, the right experience in business, the right and massive network of intellectual and inspiring people around me will help Adeezy to become a success. In my free time, I spend time with my wife and 3 children. We enjoy time on the water, scuba diving, sailing and eating. I still live in the Netherlands near the beach where we enjoy long walks with our Dogs.


When was the company launched and how many members were there initially? How strong is the team now?


Dominique and I started with the idea behind Adeezy 3 years ago. The idea was called “Uvendo” at that time. A little adventure came in-between. Inspired by our clients, we started to work on Teeveezy. A managed TV platform. Part of the Teeveezy design was an advertising engine as we understood that clients would not pay for multiple TV services. Money has to be made through advertising and as we already had a design for Uvendo we didn’t put much thought into the advertising engine at that point. Teeveezy was built for about 80% I would guess, but due to time and money, we didn’t finish the project till mid last year. By September it turned out that the TV market was really saturated and the need for new networks was very limited. Due to this Dominique and I got more time on our hands as the last decade he and I have been mainly building TV distribution networks and the last two years Ad-insertion solutions with the large broadcasters and telco networks in the world. Teeveezy was dusted, and Dominique added Blockchain technology because of the distribution layer (underlying peer2peer), fair token distribution and simplicity. Long story short. By talking to Investors, attending blockchain summits, we found out that we were trying to build a 7-headed dragon where the money is in the Advertising. As most of the best ideas are made over a beer so did this one come along. On a warm Evening after an exhausting summit in Dubai, we found a place to have a beer which went straight to our knees. We started to draw designs on the back of a napkin, and there Adeezy was born. Next day we started to pitch Adeezy on the Summit, and in a half hour, our business cards where gone and Adeezy was a liftoff. We incorporated Adeezy in Malta soon after this event in May and from there on we got not only wings but also the wind under our wings. So we started with the two of us, and soon Dana joined. A veteran in the digital advertising industry, and at the moment we are counting for a team of 20+ people.


If you don’t mind, tell us more about the strengths of your team. What is their average background and experience?


We are so proud of the team we managed to assemble. I am a little spiritual when it comes to believing that things happen for a reason and the law of attraction. Just back from the Dubai event, we thought “whom can we contact to learn more about the digital advertising industry?” So we recalled that Dana whom we worked together with when she was still at Vodafone the Netherlands joined the digital advertising space a few years ago. Reaching out to Dana and having the initial meeting it turned out that she just quit her job and was looking for something new, talking about coincidence. Then on LinkedIn, we found Florian, a fantastic all-around blockchain specialist, super smart and a go-get attitude. When looking for a CFO, I bumped into my old colleague Gerwin from my Redback days; he is one of the best accountants with loads of international experience I know. So the list goes on and on. All of the people on our White paper have a relation to each other from experience or are best in class and excited to join Adeezy because they believe in the cause. In the end, it is the Team that makes the company. Not the technology.


What was the motivation behind starting this project?


As mentioned before it is a long period of manoeuvring different ideas and slowly these ideas formed Adeezy. This is not really a coincidence but again a natural way of ending up solving an industry problem. Building ad-insertion solutions for several years it makes sense we are now creating the high impact advertising to insert into these systems. What is the point else to replace poor ads with other poor ads?


How do you see Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises? What are top trends you see are entering the marketplace?


Traditional advertising has seen its days. Linear television is over, and the new generation is consuming digital information way different than us dinosaurs. The average attention span of the viewer has gone down to below 10seconds. Research shows that you have about 1,7 seconds to get your message across. Also, we don’t see big Hollywood stars anymore. We now have the influencers who are the new stars. They are still, and we can help them raise that bar. Bringing the influencers in touch with the right creators we can create high-end advertising with the new stars starring in the ads. The challenge we are solving here is to select the right influencers for the right audience/ Brands as you will have 1000’s of influencers per country all with their own specific fands. Sorting out this jungle will be the engine of the Adeezy platform. If your attention span is below 10sec, you will only watch what you want to see and nothing else. In the current model, the advertisers are shooting with a machine gun on a flog of pigeons hoping to catch a few. We are carefully identifying which pigeon like which food and catch them one by one with the right messaging.


People are getting bombarded with content and advertisements. In such a competitive space, what is the right way to get your target audience eyeballs on your Platform?


As specified above. By using Artificial intelligence and using the massive analytics, we get out of the blockchain we can target the right people with the right info which will be a game changer in digital advertising.


What is your Marketplace about?


Bringing all partners of the complex ecosystem together in a marketplace where we are bringing back Creativity, Transparency and simplicity to the digital advertising industry.


Will there be a fee needed to use your platform or digital product? If yes, how much?


Adeezy will need to earn money to run and maintain the platform and continue to innovate. Adeezy will, therefore, offer several services ranging from a very basic package to a premium package that will offer AI and advanced analytics. Depending on the package chosen by the advertiser we take a fee ranging from 10-20%.


Who basically is your target audience?


Medium to large Advertisers and we serve advertising to the Community ( community sharing!) and OTT platforms.


Are you satisfied with the current business model? Please elaborate,


Not sure which current business model you refer to. Current as used by the industry or current they way Adeezy wants to do it? In the first one, talking about how the industry works now I would say no. The industry is very unfair and opaque. It is a bit like the music industry was before iTunes came along. Money disappears into pockets that don’t add any value to the supply chain any more. There is a lot of ad fraud, and companies like Facebook are ok with that as they get paid per view. So they don’t care if a robot or a human watch an ad. Influencers are being ripped off by the advertisers. There are so many things wrong in the current business model that there is not enough ink in the printer to write about it. Therefor Adeezy is all about bringing back creativity, transparency and simplicity to the digital advertising industry.


What are your future growth plans?


We start with campaigns in the Benelux region and from there on will expand into Germany, France and the rest of Europe. In parallel, we are about to onboard an Asian team and set up a Hong Kong office in Q1-Q2 next year to start expanding into Asia as well. Currently, we are taking on some strong investors who believe in Adeezy and will help us achieve our goals for the next 18 months. We are all very excited and believe Adeezy will change the advertising Industry!