HoC Solutions is one of the most prominent and favorable ICO listing platforms today. This platform was established by a small group of cryptocurrency and blockchain developers and fanatics. Throughout the years, it becomes the one-stop-destination for those high-tech corporations aspiring to turn their ICOs into a massive success.


HoC Solutions takes pride in offering the latest updates on what’s happening in the fastest growing field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Aside from that, they also update their ICO listing from the best upcoming and active initial coin offerings. Today, the website has thousands of initial coin offerings listed on their platform, and it’s attracting the largest blockchain development firms and ICO investors from across the globe.

HoC Solutions has been featured by a trustworthy research & analysis firm ThinkMobiles as a top blockchiain development company in 2019.


The platform brags a highly aggressive online marketing method to attract highly targeted traffic to their site, so their ICO listing providers receive maximum exposure for their initial offerings. What’s more, their marketing methods concentrate on email marketing, content marketing, SEO and other ICO websites. That enables them to establish a presence on cryptocurrencies and blockchain development technology online forums.


The credibility of any data portal lies on the accuracy and truthfulness of the information, which is covered in the database. That’s why HoC Solutions has established a clearly defined policy for including ICO marketing companies, blockchain development companies, and ICO listings. In fact, each listing on their website goes through laborious fast checking. The team behind the company takes their job seriously when it comes to transparency. They make sure that individuals writing reviews for different ICOs disclose that whether they have an interest on the listing, they’re suggesting or note.


HoC Solutions has a smooth-flowing website layout where all of the sought-after ICO listings is shown at the top of the site’s homepage. Website visitors can find an advanced search engine where they can utilize to locate a particular ICO listing. This listing is categorized under categories to make it simpler for the user to access their most preferred ICO listing in fewer clicks as possible. HoC Solutions is accessible both from mobile, PC and laptop devices.