One of the pioneers in the field of blockchain advertising and marketing platforms, Armachain is a decentralized ecosystem aimed at reviving the advertising industry. Currently, under the leadership of several giant global players, the digital advertising industry has become inefficient and expensive within a few years of its inception. Despite all its advantages, the industry is subject to attacks from fraudulent bots and online scammers. Using the advanced features of blockchain technology, the Armacoin platform will eliminate the inherent shortcomings of the current system and create a new, democratic, reliable advertising platform that is open to everyone. Armacoin’s native token, armacoin gzm coin, launched in February 2019, will be used for transactions within the platform.


To overcome the challenges facing the global advertising and marketing sector, the company has developed a comprehensive solution based on a decentralized system. Armacoin will provide transparency, exclude bot traffic, and process cryptographically encrypted agreements to make advertising accessible and results-oriented.


Armacoin guarantees transparent transactions on the network by providing a consistently shared and synchronized distributed accounting system that is accessible to all involved parties. Participants on each node of the network will have control over transactions on the platform that concern them in such a way that fraudulent actions are out of the question. In the near future, the blockchain platform will be fully operational and will help to build trust and transparency between publishers, advertisers and the audience. To achieve this goal, a network of market stakeholders and developers of advertising and promotional content will be created.


Privacy issues that are deeply ingrained in traditional marketing can be effectively addressed through the smart contract ecosystem regulated by Armacoin. With the help of cryptographically secured digital contracts with blockchain support on Armacoin, advertisers and agencies can enter into agreements with implanted action in case of unforeseen circumstances. This way, it ensures that the advertiser has confidence in the system and that they profit from it. Strict compliance with advertising standards is confirmed and ensured by a transparent ecosystem.


The decentralized project management system (DCDCS), a wonderful and unique open source version, will also be developed in a short time. Project stakeholders will include web studios, design studios, digital agencies, patent offices, publishers, and individuals with expertise in their respective fields.


Optimized targeting with a reward system is another feature that the platform offers as an effective solution for low conversion rates in traditional marketing. Intrusive and unwanted ads are mitigated by giving the audience the right to choose the ad they want to watch. They are rewarded in the form of Armacoin GZM coins for their time, which will eventually increase the popularity of the platform and the value of the coins. The platform remains true to its vision that only when the ecosystem begins to respect the privacy and attention of its users does it function effectively.


Armacoin allows promoters to leave a message in the contract line for a fee of GZM, the native coin on the Armacoin platform. It is intended exclusively for use in the advertising and marketing sectors. Built on the ERC-20 platform, Armacoin GZM will revive the media, entertainment, and advertising industries with a decentralized, trustless economy.


The token allows users to take full advantage of advanced developments on the Ethereum platform for payment and storage of funds. The salaries of the staff and team members are coin operated Armacoin GZM. Thus, they become investors in the project and have a direct interest in the growth of the platform, are encouraged to work for higher returns.


Investors are given discounts when purchasing tokens in bulk. The platform’s built-in PoW-compatible mining capabilities also leave room for additional token offerings. Armacoin recently launched a blockchain-based customer loyalty program. The decentralized public Ledger will effectively store loyalty points, track customer actions, and reward Armacoin GZM tokens as loyalty points. By setting goals to retain customers and increase sales through them, Armacoin helps companies strengthen their customer base.


ArmaCoin follows a sustainable ECO-mining technology, where very little energy is spent on mining. Moreover, the developed private blockchain allows you to mine GZM tokens without spending ETH, like most other ERC-20 tokens. Armachain private blockchain is designed specifically as an independent ecoplatform, so that it does not depend on various factors and delays in transactions. The democratic platform offered by Armacoin mitigates fraud, rewards both advertisers and viewers for their efforts, and decentralizes customization by eliminating middlemen, so that advertising is no longer seen as a luxury. Armacoin is exploring new opportunities in advertising and is working on implementing blockchain technology in every family.