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The monumental spikes in bitcoin values and the rage about cryptocurrency projects have spurred this segment of the market into a frenzy. The blockchain technology is one of the biggest disruptors the contemporary world of technology has encountered so far.

Everybody who knows the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology wants to enter this highly lucrative market.

Our ICOs listing page is of great interest for ICO owners, ICO investors and those who want to keep a close watch on what's the latest happening in initial coin offerings in particular and blockchain technology in general.

As an ICO owner or the business looking to raise funds through an initial coin offering it is always interesting for you to go through the existing listings and evaluate your competitors.

As an investor, you have a broad range of choices when picking up your favourite offerings.

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Natural Answer For Digital Needs the Main Goal of Our Team Members is to Develop a Worldwide Human-Based Network (WWH) to Provide Solutions For Human Digital Needs using the Neuralink Chip With Our Upcoming Gadgets. High-scalability and high-privacy Network Secure Access Using only a Wearable Gadget, your brain is the key to your network access […]

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Columbus Token

Columbus Token Listing on PancakeSwap “The countdown for the awaited listing on PancakeSwap had begun”, states Columbus Token team. The Columbus Token, CBS, is a Bep-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by the Columbus Project. The Columbus Project is a new cryptocurrency project that looks to solve the inherent problems associated with […]

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Clytie is associated with more than 700+ global brands and over 170+ countries around the world. When members shop online on Clytie App and Web platforms, Clytie rewards users by CLY tokens and a cashback rate of up to 85%. Gamification: User can play games and do quests to get more rewards than CLY. Digital […]

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eDeposite coin

With eDeposite we believed the entire process of banking online should be easier, cheaper, and secure. We are committed to creating a digital currency system that allows financial transactions to be performed transparently across borders with lesser transaction fees and also serve as store of value, this type of payment can only be achieved through […]

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Justice INU

Justice Inu is bringing the global community together by building the world’s first cryptobased social media network with an ecosystem of decentralized apps powered by its deflationary token. Justice Inu sets itself apart from other projects in the crypto-space by providing diverse utility to its deflationary token and incentivizing tokenomics which encourage users to hold […]

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Tarob Coin

Tarob Coin is a highly profitable and systematically safe crypto with many anti-market crash features. These innovative features let the investors seek profit confidently, without the need to worry about market crashes.

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The token economy of the Hardcore project foresees the application of a comprehensive toke economy based on the use of the HardCoin digital currency. Within the framework of the project, the online resources of the Hardcore project will be channeled to users through the online application with a full set of functionality. The HardCoin utility […]

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Safari Swap

Our token is called The Nature Token ($Nature). Currently, it is listed on Pancakeswap. You can purchase $Nature by clicking here! (Do note that it might take awhile to load) User will provide liquidity ($Nature Token and USDT) at Pancakeswap. This will allow user LP tokens which can be used to farm our Nature Credit […]

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Marblecake creates services for Decentralized Finance. The project develops solutions for the trading, farming & staking of cryptocurrencies as well as tokenized assets such as tokens pegged to real world underlyings. Networks: In its genesis, Marblecake offers its products on the Binance Smart Chain. Subsequently, the project will integrate with Polygon, Avalanche and other blockchains. […]

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Crypto Vault

With the democratization of investing we’ve all been able to realize successes, we hadn’t before. The problem is, how do we share this with those we love? Crypto Vault makes sending digital assets possible with our platform that harnesses the power of decentralized apps.

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