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The monumental spikes in bitcoin values and the rage about cryptocurrency projects have spurred this segment of the market into a frenzy. The blockchain technology is one of the biggest disruptors the contemporary world of technology has encountered so far.

Everybody who knows the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology wants to enter this highly lucrative market.

Our ICOs listing page is of great interest for ICO owners, ICO investors and those who want to keep a close watch on what's the latest happening in initial coin offerings in particular and blockchain technology in general.

As an ICO owner or the business looking to raise funds through an initial coin offering it is always interesting for you to go through the existing listings and evaluate your competitors.

As an investor, you have a broad range of choices when picking up your favourite offerings.

Disclaimer: Home of Crypto in no way acts as your financial advisor. All the listings in this section are for your reference. Although we might be advertising select initial coin offerings to generate advertising revenue, it doesn't mean we are recommending those ICOs.

Centurion Invest Token

Centurion Invest provides high liquid, secured, decentralized investments, and trading platforms mixed with investment plans to increase customer’s net worth and profits. It facilitates access to innovation by educating investors and traders on the most advanced investment tools and dynamic techniques. Centurion Invest offers a user friendly environment to come together empowering the crypto adoption […]

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Delnorte TerraVision

We present the Delnorte TerraVision platform. It is an ecosystem based on its own software tokenization and hardware deal endorsement protocols, it allows you to move assets from the “outside world” to the “digital world”, and to consolidate and store data with various types of property rights in a distributed decentralized environment.

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Syndiqate is a club-based crypto insurance community united on a platform offering the market unique insurance products built on a multi-platform and micro-service software and hardware system, using blockchain, smart contracts and NFT technologies. Technology and business fusion makes the Project exclusive. It allows the crypto market to protect its investments in crypto projects without […]

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CoinFrenzy is launching a new ecosystem of utilities aimed at providing holders with extra passive revenue streams. More than just a standalone token, CoinFrenzy is accelerating an entire ecosystem of DeFi innovation. Funding & Supporting Game Changing DeFi Projects and Creating an Ecosystem of Utilities While Providing Passive Income to Our Token Holders. Earn Binance-USD […]

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Savage Goose is a next-generation platform combining creating, saving, earning, and fun into one. With 2 distinct components offering unique features: Savage Goose NFT Marketplace and Savage Goose Game, our platform will offer every user a holistic experience never seen before. Savage Goose NFT Marketplace is a marketplace that will allow users to create and […]

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GT-Protocol IDOs are coming! GT-Protocol – an innovative DeFi platform that combines decentralized social trading and DeFi investment pools management. Basically, GT-Protocol allows anyone to create a fully transparent DeFi smart contract which will govern a decentralized investment pool in just a few clicks. And IDOs of this awesome project are coming. On January 19, […]

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Monopolon, is the first-ever futuristic gamefi project that has it’s concept revolving around the iconic Monopoly game. Monopolon shares the details of its game concept and how it’s community can benefit from this easy to play and free to play gamefi where everyone’s a winner. Inspired by successful games, such as Axie infinity and Crabada, […]

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Softbalanced Stable Coin

Crypto Backed Stablecoin USBL An open source, fixed rate, low volatility, designed to maintain stable value. Store, send and receive 1-to-1 pegged digital currency across exchanges, platforms, and wallets.

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Betero’s vision is to build a next-generation sports betting platform based on the following core principles: – Transparent product metrics, profit redistribution, and smart contracts – Utilization of blockchain and web3 technology – Ability to run as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) By aggregating various sports data providers, Betero will be able to offer the […]

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Metagame aims to provide a solution to five major issues that we face on a daily basis: a lack of incentives to play games, high hardware requirements for games, inconsistent dividends, reliance on transactions, and a disregard for the native token’s financial sustainability. The Metagame platform attempts to link three huge and very profitable markets […]

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