This privacy policy is applicable to Home of Crypto. We have tried to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible. The policy is in tune with the general privacy guidelines applicable to all legitimate businesses. Since the world of technology and associated trends are constantly going through changes, we may alter the text of our privacy policy but whenever we do that, we will let it be known to our registered users who have opted to receive updates from us.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to lay down the industry-standard guidelines and standards that we follow to ensure the total protection of the data that you share with us.

Through our privacy policy we also aim to communicate to you that protecting your confidentiality is our top priority. Data and information is great power, and with power, comes responsibility. We have made all the provisions available in the contemporary world to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

Different countries have different data protection laws and since ours is an international platform that can be accessed and used from anywhere, our privacy policy and data protection guidelines are universal.

We strongly believe that the need to protect our users’ data shouldn’t be forced upon us merely by the law.

More than the law, it is a matter of ethics for us.

Home of Crypto is a platform that lists the upcoming and the ongoing ICOs, blockchain development companies and ICO marketing companies. If you are listing your information or, if you are one of the users who would like to have a personalized experience on our website, then you will be creating an account.

To create your account you will be submitting your name, email address and a password that we will be saving on a secure database.

If you create a listing, for example, if you are an ICO owner or a blockchain development company or an ICO marketing company, you may like to display your contact information so that your prospective clients can contact you. So, you may also be submitting your phone number.

While creating your listings you may provide us, aside from your name, email address and mobile number, details like your job title, education, skills and experience and other relevant bits of information needed to make your listings meaningful.

If you decide to display your email and phone number openly on the listings page and if those contact details are misused by someone, Home of Crypto cannot be held responsible because the information is openly available. What we can commit is, if you decide to hide that information from your profile, it will be never shown on the website. Your private information will never be shared with a third party for the purpose of research or marketing.

So, basically, we have unregistered visitors and registered visitors. No data about unregistered visitors is ever captured. Data from registered visitors is stored in our database with the full knowledge of the visitor. When storing data in our database,

  • We will protect your personal information and we will never share it with third-parties.
  • Appropriate safeguards and security measures have been taken to ensure the safety of your private data.
    Some quick words about GDPR

GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation” and it is a set of legal guidelines intended to protect the data of all EU citizens. Although GDPR was officially adopted in 2016, it will come into effect on may 25, 2018. Non-compliance with GDPR can incur a fine of either € 20 million or 4% of your annual turnover, although, a fine of such degree will happen in extremely rare cases.

The basic ideas behind following GDPR are:

  • Clearly defining and communicating to your users what is opting-in and what is consent.
  • Being transparent about the use of cookies in activities like remarketing.
  • How to communicate your privacy policy as clearly as possible.
  • Clearly articulating how you are getting data from your customers, clients and visitors and how you plan to use the data.

Once you have gotten hold of the data, how you are protecting it to make sure that it does not fall in wrong hands.
At Home of Crypto we totally agree with the spirit of GDPR. We believe that our visitors and people who register on our website must have an uncompromising right to privacy and their confidential data must be protected at all cost. We do this on our website.

Privacy policy regarding cookies

Basic cookies are saved on your device to create a pleasant and convenient experience for you when you are browsing our website. These cookies are also used in case you don’t want to log into our website every time and you want to remain logged in. Using your browser settings you can always delete cookies from your device.

Privacy policy regarding email

As it happens with every online platform, you may need to submit your email ID so that we can send you important updates, and also distinguish your record from other records. In case you misplace your password, you can retrieve it using your email ID. We may also send you occasional updates related to the field of ICOs, blockchain development, ICO marketing, cryptocurrency and related events happening all over the world. You can always opt out of these updates.

Your email will never, ever be shared with another company or an unauthorized person within our own company.

Home of Crypto cannot be held liable to someone coming across your email through your public listings and then misusing it.

Privacy policy regarding your confidential details

You may understand that when you create your account we may be able to identify you from your profile. When you create your business listing, for example, your ICO listing or your blockchain development company listing or you ICO marketing listing or you events listing, you will be submitting your business address, your postal code, your job title, your telephone number and other bits of identifiable information and when you are submitting these pieces of information, it is safely assumed that you are doing it at your own discretion.

For our premium listings or for advertising on our website we may also accept your credit card details, which will never be saved on our servers.

You may decide to remove your details from our server at any time.