There are many ways to generate weekly and monthly passive income from cryptocurrency. Some methods require a substantial buy-in, and others require a lengthy token lockup period. However, some tokens provide easy access with no minimum requirements. This low entry point, allowing broad participation, is one of the beneficial features of modern cryptocurrency.


The (SCPT) token is one of these rewarding projects. SCPT is a 2019 entry to the crypto industry and circulates on the Ethereum platform. Registered token holders that participate in the platform receive monthly passive income in the form of ETH rewards. The minimum amount required for participation is just one token, and SCPT has been trading at around one euro. Global users with as little as one euro can earn monthly passive income, and never lose control over their assets.


Here is the reward information for the past several months.


Proof of ownership date | Delivery Date | Reward Amount

November 31, 2019 | December 15, 2019 | 0.0001408 ETH
December 31, 2019 | January 15, 2020 | 0.0001775 ETH


Sceptercash offers an ERC-20 token that facilitates the collection of marketing data from consumer end-users. For their support and direct participation, registered SCPT token holders can receive monthly ETH rewards. Sceptercash tokens allow management to identify and capitalize on opportunities highlighted from this marketing data. The collected information can identify “who” is buying, and these details generate insightful sales and marketing data. In 2019, Scepter Holdings Inc. owned two high-performance consumer brands Gevitta and Dermacia. In 2020, the company’s expansion plans include the acquisition and operation of more than twenty additional high-performance brand names and retail products.


To receive this regular ETH reward from Sceptercash, the user must purchase SCPT tokens, hold them in an ERC-20 wallet through the proof date, and register that wallet on the website. If these requirements are met each month, that wallet will receive a regular ETH reward. Based on the last two rewards, SCPT tokens could generate around 2% each month in ETH rewards. Proof-of-ownership dates always fall on the last day of the month. The next proof date is January 31, 2020.


Regular users may receive marketing surveys detailing personal information on their shopping preferences. The company is also considering additional commercial programs that reward affiliates based on product sales. All SCPT token holders will be eligible to receive monthly ETH rewards after registering an approved wallet ID. Visit the website for more information


Owning SCPT tokens each month can deliver steady rewards, consumer discounts, and passive income. In Q1 2020, the Scepter Group LLC plans to offer token holders additional benefits, including discounted brand opportunities, token-only access to original, and exclusive online events.


SCPT tokens trade on Coinlim,, and




More exchanges will be added in the next quarter.


The verified ERC20 token smart contract is on Etherscan:


The 50M Company-owned tokens are restricted from sale for two years. 100M of the remaining issued tokens, has been secured through private agreements with the Company and are locked up for two-years. Of the 200M SCPT tokens outstanding, 150M is not trading and are ineligible to receive token rewards.


Total Supply 200,000,000
Circulating Supply 50,000,000
Token Reward Currency ETH
Blockchain Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Symbol SCPT
Decimals 18
Contract Address 0x790304309388C417ff8AaB454B8d27e79CAd1Df5
Contact [email protected] [email protected]


Who is eligible to receive Sceptercash rewards?
-There are two simple requirements to qualify for SCPT monthly ETH rewards.
(1) All token holders must register their email and wallet address through the website. The number of SCPT tokens held in the designated wallet determines
how much reward will be received.
(2) Users must own tokens during the monthly “proof-of-ownership” date. This point is the
date during that month when the company takes a snapshot image of all token holders on
Etherscan. From this snapshot, any registered wallet holding SCPT tokens will receive the
monthly ETH reward. Users are required to own tokens during that proof-of-ownership date.
There is no lockup period or other required term deposit.


Can my tokens be held in an exchange wallet?
-No, to receive the ETH reward, the tokens must be kept in an individual wallet under the token
holder’s control. ETH rewards are delivered to this wallet. If a user submits an exchange wallet, the
exchange will receive the reward.


When are SCPT rewards delivered?
-All reward tokens are delivered on the 15th of the following month, about two weeks after the proof-of-ownership date.


If you have any further questions about Sceptercash please send through any of the following


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